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09 Aug 2014: We are please to present the wire coiling jig!! This ensures all your coils are evenly spaced and you have plenty of room to work with it. Most importantly, the price for our silica wick has gone down after we found a supplier who was able to give us a better deal.

13 Jul 2014: With the enactment of Personal Data Protection Act 2012, we re-interate our stand on the use of Personal Data which can be found in our Privacy Policy page

Kampong Shop is fully committed to maintaining customer privacy and will therefore only use your information to fulfill orders and inform you of special events and promotions. Your information will not be sold/given or used in any other way without your permission. Our sole purpose is to provide our customers with what they need, without any of the hassle or worries that come along with sharing information. When you shop with us you can have complete confidence that your information will not be shared, because after all we are people just like you.

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