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13 Jul 2014: With the enactment of Personal Data Protection Act 2012, we re-interate our stand on the use of Personal Data which can be found in our Privacy Policy page

Kampong Shop is fully committed to maintaining customer privacy and will therefore only use your information to fulfill orders and inform you of special events and promotions. Your information will not be sold/given or used in any other way without your permission. Our sole purpose is to provide our customers with what they need, without any of the hassle or worries that come along with sharing information. When you shop with us you can have complete confidence that your information will not be shared, because after all we are people just like you.

We may also host links to 3rd parties on our site and these are provided to enhance your shopping experience. However, please be cognizant of the fact that these sites are not owned nor controlled by Kampong Shop and they may have their own Privacy Policies. As such, please exercise your own judgement when clicking on them.

12 Jul 2014: Dear Customers, the Efest IMR18350 batteries are restocked. However this time round, we are faced with a sharp increase in hazardous materials shipping fees. Thus we cannot absorb this increase in costs. The IMR18350 is now priced at S$9.50/pc instead of S$8.00/pc previously. We try our best to bring you products at the best possible price by operating on a tight margin. If costs come down in the future, we will pass on the savings to you by reducing prices like we have done in the past with the Nitecore I4 charger. We are terribly sorry for this price hike and hope for your continual support of kampongshop.com.

Now for some good news, the Sony VTC5 is on the way to us(albeit with a price hike as well) and we have introduced the Efest IMR26650 to our product line-up for you large battery lovers. This battery boasts 32A continuous discharge rate and 64A pulsed discharge rate.

Once again, we thank you for your support for kampongshop.com

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